IIMPS- Our values


IIMPS Immigration, is obsessed with student-interest, unconditionally. We never drive our agenda. We are upfront and transparent. IIMPS Immigration focus on eliminating friction. In conversations, technology and experiences.


At IIMPS Immigration, we understand our responsibility in shaping confident, impactful cosmopolitans of the future. We believe we play a small but significant role and we do so with the highest standards and integrity. Because we are style, not flash.


IIMPS Immigration is ambitious, confident and international. We are here to challenge the status quo. We are a bunch of enthusiasts who work with agility to pre-empt the needs of our customers. We are perpetual learners, hungry to know more. About our students, universities and industry.


At IIMPS Immigration, we are one. We have a vision, and each of us, like a cog in the wheel contribute to it at every level. We are global. We are inclusive. IIMPS Immigration just like our students, are cosmopolitans.

Experienced Staff

Our team members possess more than 10 years of experience in this domain. They are very quick and efficient with full knowledge of immigration, visa processing and other related fields.

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